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The creation of comfortable and functional living conditions that meet all the requirements of young modern people, already at the first stage of work, revealed the stylistic orientation of the interior. It is not surprising that minimalism, with its simple and extremely pure philosophy, became her. This is how the transformation of an ordinary city apartment into a real “car for living” began, where every corner has its own function, and unnecessary corners were erased along with unnecessary walls on the sketch.

Despite the maximum openness of the space, the functions of housing are clearly distributed throughout the zone.

Zoning was taken over by floor graphics, ceiling relief and glass partitions. However, these elements do not prevent the free flow of space. So, for example, the corridor is attached to the living room, visually increasing it, but separated from the living area by floor graphics.

The interior is filled with natural shades and natural textures. This is how a wall made of natural stone in the living room, a textured parquet board appeared. In the union of elements from nature and functionality, harmony was born, which is so necessary for a modern interior. The balance of the interior is diluted with a ferocious bull, as if escaping from the wall in the dining room. Initially, a panorama of the metropolis was supposed to appear at this place, but at the last moment the idea was born to focus on the main activity of the customer, sublimating the symbol of exchange workers. In addition to such a professional reading of the image, the bull is associated with strength and good health. Now it is difficult to imagine this interior without an illustration on the wall, and we can safely assure you that it has become his hallmark.

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