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“Each customer is individual and, in addition to style preferences, has lifestyle features. Therefore, most of all in my work I focus on the functionality of the interior, trying to create the most comfortable and useful conditions for living through the prism of my professional art.

Daria Reznikova

I have been a professional interior designer since 2011. I graduated from the Ural State Academy of Arts in Architecture, therefore I do my work not only with the aesthetic taste of the designer, but also with the technical knowledge of the architect. Laureate and holder of a gold diploma in the "Implementation" section in the "Residential Interior" nomination of the "Interior of Opportunities 2011-2012" review competition. I am currently in private practice.


2008 - 2012 - baccalaureate of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art, direction  "Architecture";


2012 - 2015 - master's degree of the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art, specialty "Architect of buildings and structures";



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